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Achillea The Beacon

Achillea The Beacon

SKU: 0008

Achilleas are traditional border flowers valued for their feathery foliage and striking flat, circular heads of flowers throughout the main summer season. They team well with other perennial flowers and are a vital ingredient in traditional herbaceous borders. They’re also at home in island beds, cottage gardens and other perennial planting schemes.


Achillea millefolium ‘The Beacon’ (syn. Fanal) bears large umbels of bright bright orange-red flowers with yellow eyes. It’s ideal for growing at the back of a mixed herbaceous border, where the flat, colourful flowerheads will attract a huge range of pollinators. It makes a fantastic cut flower. For best results grow in free-draining soil in full sun. Cut back faded blooms to prolong flowering. Divide clumps every three to five years, and never allow plants to become waterlogged.

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